Dirt Track Gladiators - Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to change the handling of the car?

Yes you can go to Settings on the main screen and then choose between Casual, Normal and Hardcore in the ‘Car Handling’ section.

There is also a new Custom setting starting from V1.04 which will allow you to make a custom setup. This can be found in the following places:

1. The Settings on the main screen of the game.

2. In the Pause Menu when doing a Quick Race or Special Event.

3. In a Championship while the grids are been shown.

More info on setting up the car can be found HERE


Is it possible to change the difficulty for the opponents?

Yes but this will only affect the ‘Quick Race’ and ‘Special Events’ (Except for Runoffs).

To change the opponent difficulty go to ‘Settings’ on the main screen and then choose between Easy, Medium & Hard under the ‘Opponent Difficulty’ section. 

Please note that Championships and Runoffs have the difficulty levels preset and this change will not have any effect on these events.


My device is struggling to run this game is there anything I can do to make it run better?

It really depends on the device you’re using, the game won’t run on low end devices but shouldn’t have an issue on mid-high end devices. You can go to ‘Settings’ on the main menu and lower the ‘Screen Resolution’ and ‘Graphics Quality’ to see if that helps.

In Quick Race mode you could also reduce the number of opponents.


I’ve purchased the full game unlock but have changed devices and when I downloaded the game it’s now showing as needing to purchase the full version again?

Go into ‘Shop’ on the main screen and then click on ‘Restore Purchases’. This will restore the full version of the game if it’s been purchased in the past without the need to purchase again. Note that you’ll need to be logged in with the same account that was used to purchase the game.


How do I enable my Bluetooth Controller for use with this game?

A basic guide to getting your Bluetooth Controller up and running can be found HERE


I'm using an Android device and the game is stuck on the Loading Screen?

This is an unusual situation, but if you come across it you could try and clear the games Cache and that should fix the issue. Details on how to do this can be found HERE


The game doesn't seem to be saving what I've done and continues to reset the credits to 100,000?


If on an Apple Device you'll need to make sure that you have iCloud enabled as this is how the game saves it's data. 

Please follow this link for detailed instructions on how to enable iCloud - How to Enable iCloud



On Android Devices you need to make sure you sign into Google Play Services when the game starts as this is how the game saves it's data on Android.


The game doesn't start it just shows a black screen?

Make sure that you have updated the game to the latest version, there was a fix in V1.01 that sorted this issue soon after release.


I think I've found a bug, how do I report it?

We're sorry you've found a bug, please go to the 'Contact Us' tab on this page and fill in a message there and we will look into it.