Full Contact Teams Racing is now in the process of having the final testing done. The testers are going through the process of playing the game and reporting any bugs so that we can have it all ready for launch before Christmas. 

Release date has now been set at Friday 13th December 2019!

If you are on an Android device you can pre-order/pre-register for the game now by going HERE!


Speedway Puzzle games has been released on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!


More info including download links can be found here.. http://peylahgames.com/index.php/speedway-puzzle-games


The game is complete and we are preparing for release. Hopefully we can release this week all going to plan we are just waiting on approval from Apple and we will then be set to go. Note that this part of the process is completely out of our hands and this is the reason we can't give a firm date. 

We'll keep you posted!!

Dirt Track Gladiators Out Now


Dirt Track Gladiators is available now on Android & IOS!



We are in the final stages of testing Dirt Track Gladiators and will update everyone as soon as we have a release date determined. We thank everyone for the support so far and look forward to having you finally get your hand on this. 

Coming soon to IOS and Android.

Not long now.