Here it is, the reveal video for Dirt Track Gladiators 2 currently in development.

Huge thanks to Zach Lawrence for providing the graphics files for the 22B machine and allowing me to take a heap of photos to get what I needed.

Note that this is still very early on in development so I have absolutely no idea on a timeframe for release but wanted to show you how it's looking because I'm pretty excited with how it's turning out.

The game will be developed using the Xbox Series X as my main machine for testing. I am really hoping that I can also have this available for PS5 but I won't know the answer to that until I'm further along with the game and have approached them. It WON'T be available on either PS4 or Xbox One.

Anyway, enjoy the vid....



After creating a couple of dirt oval racing game for mobile devices I've decided it's time to try my hand at something new and turned my attention to PC/Console gaming.

It's early days but work is progressing nicely on a new arcade racer I've been working on recently and I'm really loving working on it. Not having the same limits that mobile devices have has been great so far and I've really been able to add a lot more detail into both the level design and the cars themselves. This game is being created from the ground up with pretty much nothing apart from a few scripts been reused from the mobile games I've developed so it will take time but the result should be well worth it.

Check out a few VERY early work in progress pics below...






Speedway Puzzle games has been released on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!


More info including download links can be found here..


Full Contact Teams Racing is now in the process of having the final testing done. The testers are going through the process of playing the game and reporting any bugs so that we can have it all ready for launch before Christmas. 

Release date has now been set at Friday 13th December 2019!

If you are on an Android device you can pre-order/pre-register for the game now by going HERE!


Dirt Track Gladiators Out Now


Dirt Track Gladiators is available now on Android & IOS!